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Soul Care Sessions

Self-Care meets Soul-Care. When these two collide, a beautiful "You" emerges. Your internal reset button is pressed. Soul-Care Sessions assists with introducing you to your true, authentic self. Come relax solo or as a group in a peaceful, serene, quiet and safe environment which will allow you to focus on releasing inner trauma, built up limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Anxiety and inner wounds can be healed.


Soul-Care Sessions are great for everyone. Busy moms, wives, singles, professionals of all ages, all genders, all races and all walks of life. You will discover an effective and beautiful  way of coping and releasing you did not know existed, but has lived within you your entire life. 


I truly believe wholeheartedly that mental health should be taken very seriously, even amongst those who are looked at as "strong". Preventative care can make a big difference and can improve your day to day life. 


Book today to begin your journey of inner peace, happiness and true fulfillment. Give your soul the care it deserves. Live your life, don't let life live you!

1 or 2 hour Sessions include:

Guided deep breathing (calms, balances & relaxes)

Full body stretching (relaxes, centers & releases tension)

Herbal Tea (cleanses, calms & soothes)

Journal w/Prompts (allows you to release inner thoughts)

Choice of  either Massage, Detox Sauna or Facial

Quiet Meditation time to Journal (music of choice or quiet, soothing lighting)

1hr Session : $100

2hr Session: $150

Virtual Sessions are available upon request.

"Live Your Life, Don't Let Life Live You".

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