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Lilysflow Mentoring & Educational Experience

Mentorship to me involves building a safe, trusting, relaxed environment between the mentor and mentee. Mentorship and education is passing along knowledge, personal experience, a listening ear and a genuine desire to inspire and uplift. A great mentor helps a person to grow and to become the best version of themselves. This can be done by introducing new ways of thinking, challenging limited assumptions, and sharing valuable life lessons.

A successful mentoring program is a structured mutual dialogue between the mentor and mentee. The role of the mentor should be customizable to fit the individuals needs. It should also comprise of relevant knowledge to pass along. The mentor should always be respectful towards the mentees. 

I feel one of the most important qualities is a selfless, eagerness to invest in others. A strong desire to uplift and build up should be of the utmost importance within a Mentorship Program.

The LilysFlow Experience is built on passion and a strong selfless desire to do all of the above and beyond to make a concrete change within the minds, hearts and lives of all who complete the program.

The LilysFlow Esthetician Experience is a program geared towards students enrolled in a Esthetics Program. Motivational speaking sessions to help students stay focused and motivated and to see real life examples of Estheticians who have successfully entered this profession and/or started their own business. Students will write and submit essays upon the completion of their program and one will be picked to receive a package to assist them to begin their Esthetician career.

The LilysFlow Group Mentoring Program for Middle/High School females will accentuate and build the confidence and a sense of self-respect within our youth.

This will be a customized weekly program with a duration that each school or organization needs. Various exercises to invoke self-confidence and a positive self image will be completed. Positive music with a dissection of the upbuilding, inspirational lyrics will be presented. Skincare will be a focus teaching the youths proper skincare techniques to set the tone for youthful skin in years to come. Interviewing skills, proper dress for such, and  articulation methods will be focused on.

Special guest speakers will be brought in that will be approved by the school to show positive examples right in our own local neighborhoods. The approach will be informal and personable creating a positive, safe, fun, relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere.


Mentoring for women's groups and shelters will take on a similar approach yet with a more mature approach. The same dynamic of confidence building and also assisting them to get back into the workforce.

Statistics show that women who have been abused suffer greatly with feelings of inadequacy, and they do not know where to turn to get back on their feet. Alot of them are mothers caring for their children while dealing with the damaging effects of the abuse they may have endured and suffered through. Some of their basic skills, such as computer knowledge, may be outdated which may hinder them finding suitable employment to support themselves and their children. Abuse can wreck havoc on a person's confidence, self esteem, drive and determination.

A strong, informal safe atmosphere with self esteem exercises, guest speakers, makeovers, as well as outfit and resume assistance for interviews.

For more information and to speak directly to me regarding these programs, please call (330) 503-7012 or email me at

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