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Meal Prepping

Too busy to cook dinner after a long days work? Not enough time to pack up a great tasting, nutritious lunch to take to work or to eat during your busy days? Do you find yourself relying on "fast food" every meal, every day?  Are you struggling to eat a balanced meal on a daily basis? Are you plagued with weight loss issues, skin issues, and health issues due to your poor food choices?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, look no further. Lilysflow Meal Prep Services to the rescue! 

Menus are released every Wednesday for the following week. Meals can be purchased in increments of 5 or 10 meals for the week. Meals are very well balanced and the best thing about them are they are very, very tasty. However, my meals are also healthy and balanced. Main courses and side options are listed on every menu. Meals are picked up at a central location. They are packaged in freezer safe and microwave safe containers. 

Dietary allergies and medical restrictions are taken into account and records kept regarding such. 

Call (330) 503-7012 to order your meals today!


5 Meals-$75/week

10 Meals-$120/week

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