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About Me

Greetings! I want to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Tiffany and I am the Owner of LilysFlow Face & Body Rejuvenation Spa. I am a Licensed Advanced Esthetician located in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

I pride myself on being extremely passionate and inclusive of all skin types, colors, and textures. I firmly believe that all skin has its own natural beauty, especially when taken care of properly. My use of professional treatment products in conjunction with my thoroughly researched skincare knowledge, ensures that each of my clients' skin thrive within the realms of their personal skincare goals.

LilysFlow offers a clean, safe, comfortable and private experience that will leave you relaxed and in anticipation for your next booking. My skincare treatments are customized according to your personal needs. As I educate myself and keep up with the latest techniques and technology, I also pass on that knowledge to my clients so they can maintain a healthy, consistent homecare regimen that works in conjunction with their professional treatments that I perform in office. 

I love seeing my clients love their skin! I love when they uncover their natural beauty and allow their inner light to shine through! For me, LilysFlow is more than a business, it's a passion coupled with purpose.

My Legacy


LilysFlow was born one day while I contemplated a business name that resonated with the true essence of who I am at my core. I combined my two grandmother's names. My maternal grandmother was Lillie Mae. My paternal grandmother was Florence Mae, but was known by everyone as "Flo". Once combined, LilysFlow was birthed. Both of my grandmothers were strong, beautiful black women with a resilience that has transferred down through generations within my family. Through my parents, my son, daughter and I are blessed to carry this rich legacy.

LilysFlow encompasses the strong women on both sides of my family that have all played a part in the woman I am today and the young lady that I am raising my daughter to be.

A goal and passion I have is to pass on to others outside of my family the rich dynamic that LilysFlow stands for. I want young girls as well as grown women to understand that in life we will all make mistakes, or lessons as I prefer to call them. However, we do not have to live within those lessons or allow them to define or shape us negatively. Growth from these lessons are vital and can catapult us to higher levels in our life. LilysFlow is the epitome of strength, confidence, resilience, self-respect, dignity, class, internal & external beauty, peace, love, happiness and constant growth. 

I am LilysFlow. Real, raw, authentic. Mind, body and soul. 



If you would like to book an appointment, please call or text: 330-503-7012

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